We are a husband-wife wedding and portrait photographer duo based in Portland Oregon. 

Part-time professionals and part-time adventurers. Together since 2008 and friends since we were children. Lucky enough to have crisscrossing passions and luckier still to have each other.

We love stories and emotions. We long to help dreamers, lovers, story tellers, families, and friends capture their finest moments so that they can be relived again and again.

Let us be there when it happens. a wedding, an adventure, an elopement, commercial work, whatever it is, we'd love to be there with you!

photo by: sara k bryne

  Travel Dates 2017
  If we are in or around your area - Let's connect! 

                March - Havana, Cuba & Tulum, Mexico                        June - Colorado & Northern California                                    November - Palm Springs, CA
             April - San Francisco, San Diego, Joshua Tree                              
July - Eastern Oregon                                                 December - Joshua Tree, CA
      May - D.C., Northern & Southern California, Arizona                 September - Eastern Washington

                                                                                                               (more travel updates to come)

Travel Dates 2018

March - Australia & New Zealand
August - San Juan Island, WA