Where are you based out of?
Portland, Oregon
Do you travel for jobs?
Yes, yes, yes. A lot of our work is out of state & even out of the country! :)

Do you just shoot weddings?
No, half of our work is editorial/commercial. Our commercial website in under works... If you'd like to see something please just ask!

Do you guys shoot every wedding together?
Yes, you will always hire both Luke and Mallory together.

How did you guys meet?
We grew up together in Phoenix, Arizona. Mal was 11, Luke was 14... It was a moment... Or not. Who's to say?

How long have we been shooting for?
Both of us don't really remember a time without a camera in our hands but we've been full-time since 2013.

Do you shoot film?
We do! We don't rely on it... But you will probably see us holding some old cameras and winding that film at some point.

What is required to book my date?
We require a signed contract and a deposit to secure your date. We have a super easy online system... No printing, no pens, no checks (unless you want to use a check, we'll take a check!).

What's in your bag?
Digital gear:                           Film gear:
2 Canon 5D Mark IV           Pentax 67                         
50mm 1.2L                             Leica R8
35mm 1.4L                             Canon 1V
135mm 2L                              Polaroid land camera 430
45mm 2.8TS
28mm 1.8
24mm 1.4 Sigma ART
35mm 1.4 Sigma ART
4Younguno Flashes + Triggers

What editing programs do you use?
Lightroom, Photoshop, Alienskin

I have seen photos that you took on different websites and things... Should I tell you?
Thank you for looking out for us! We sell our photos on a stock website called Stocksy so there are a lot of our images sold for companies to use. 

Do you do workshops or mentor sessions?
We don't have any workshops lined up right now but always ready to do mentor sessions! Just email us!