About 3 weeks ago we got this awesome e-mail from Brandon telling us all about himself and the things he loved about his girlfriend, Katelyn. He told us that he and Katelyn were coming out from Boston to Colorado for her cousin's wedding and he had plans to propose to her on a hike at the Garden of the Gods. Through lots of correspondence via sneaky phone calls and under the table text messages (on his part) we were ready, hiding out at the Garden waiting for THE moment. Our hearts beating, foreheads sweating, altitude kicking in, we watched as Brandon got down on one knee and asked Katelyn to marry him... She said YES, of course! We popped out from behind rocks and trees with a big congratulations and lots of hugs. Oh my word. So good! We loved every minute of this joyous occasion. These two are super great. Huge smiles and so much laughter to go around.

Cheers to Brandon and Katelyn's amazing future together! 

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