Water is the great equalizer. It is the most basic requirement to sustain life here on earth, and even though 70% of our world is liquid, good clean water is often difficult to find. It was my privilege to be able to travel with a team in April to the country of Haiti. We met up with an organization in CAP Haitien called Living Water International. They specialize in drilling wells for people all over the world who are in need of fresh water. The organization employs nationals to oversee and facilitate the drilling process as well as provide education about hygiene and disease prevention. LWI invites teams from the US to come out year round and help with the work that is being done. This is a beautiful and truly sustainable model. 

I was overwhelmed by the community's involvement during the entirety of this week long process. Everyone took ownership of  the project with great anticipation for it's completion. Having a well in the middle of their village meant that they wouldn't have to spend most of their days walking for miles down to the river to fetch water in 5 gallon buckets any more. It meant that the water that they'd be using for cooking and bathing was going to be safe and sanitary. Needless to say, the people were incredibly grateful to receive such a blessing. The whole experience was an absolutely wonderful testament to the goodness of God and the magic that happens when people truly care for one another.

On another personal note, I missed Mallory like crazy and wished that I could have shared in the experience with her. It is our desire to use this gift of photography to tell the best kinds of stories throughout the world as traveling artists. I have a feeling that this is only the beginning. To find out more about Living Water International and how you might be able to get involved, click on the link below and check out all of the amazing stuff on their page. 

Living Water